Cure Pity.
End the telethon NOW.

We are Jerry’s Orphans, the next generation.

Play along with us! The MDA Telethon 2020 (Ableist AF) BINGO!

Image of a Bingo card labeled The MDA Telethon 2020 (Ableist AF) BINGO.

B Column:
-Kevin Hart sheds a tear
-Vague "research" clip
-No mention of caregiver wage crisis
-Talks to parent, not to kid
-No mention of disabled under/unemployment

I Column:
-No mention of disabled marriage inequality
-Corporate ass-kissing
-Old telethon montage
-Kid is called a "fighter" or "warrior"
-Constant defining of "strength"

N Column:
-The word "inspiration" is used
-"But with YOUR help...."
-Free (parking) space (colored blue with the universal symbol of accessibility)
-No mention of accessible housing crisis
-Kid gets a high five

G Column:
-Sad background music
-Jerry's legacy is highlighted
-Fewer than 5 BIPOC families
-Patronizing conversation
-Cure = Freedom
-Kid is "more than their muscles"
-No mention of Cure SMA re: Evrysdi
-Kid gets a pat on the head
-No mention of EVV violating rights
-No mention of thriving adults

Bottom reads www.endthetelethon.com.

“Our challenge to MDA is to do good without doing harm.”

-Harriet McBryde Johnson